A simple phone.
A caring team.

An easy-to-use smartphone backed by a caring team of individuals, ready to help you whenever you need. That is what Lively from Best Buy Health aimed for when they designed the new Jitterbug Smart4.

Jitterbug Smart4 Pros

With a phone as feature-rich as the Jitterbug Smart4, there’s a lot to take in. Here are my main takeaways from my time with the device.


Easy to use

Big screen with simple menu, powerful speaker and an Urgent Response button.

Easy to stay in touch

Effortless texting with voice typing and video chat.

Easy to go places

Use our maps and directions feature to find route options and get driving directions.

Empowering older adults to age at home

Along with all these amazing technical features, Jitterbug Smart4 can also connect you with our team of empathetic and caring team members, who are available 24/7/365, to assist with a variety of needs. Whether you need help in a health emergency, a ride to the store or assistance using your new phone, our team is there for you with a simple touch of a button. No matter which of our Lively plans you choose, they’re all available on the new Jitterbug Smart4.

“The Jitterbug Smart4 showcases our human-centered approach to designing products and services that help those who are aging live independently while ensuring their caregivers have peace of mind,” said Jenny Ramseth, chief product officer for Best Buy Health. “As we create new devices and experiences for our Lively customers, our goal is to deliver valuable, thoughtful and meaningful support every step of the way.”

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You’ll love how easy it is to use

  • · Larger 6.7” screen with easy-to-navigate menu
  • · New louder, clearer dual speakers
  • · Longer-lasting battery with faster charging
  • · Voice typing and video chat
  • · Higher-quality camera
  • · New call captioning for real time speech to text
  • · Urgent Response button for help, 24/7


Plus monthly plan, activation fee and taxes - Includes free shipping.

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Excellent for seniors in particular. Very easy to set up & navigate. Easy to read screen.

Dennis Pollitt

The layout is easier to navigate than traditional smart phones. The back and home buttons are clearly identified. The only addition that would be extremely useful is a large print user manual.

Owen Chaucer

Very happy with the Jitterbug 4 and find it easier to text, get on facebook, share on facebook , photos, etc. Easier to share and text fotos than the prior Jitterbug. Am very happy to go with this purchase also.

Joyce Thomson

This phone does everything and it is so easy to use. The logical patterns of the screens is remarkable. The apps and internet are also inline with the way the phone operates.

About Lively from Best Buy Health

Lively, formerly known as GreatCall, was acquired by Best Buy in 2018 and is part of the company’s focus in the health space through Best Buy Health. Best Buy Health enables care at home for everyone by focusing on three areas: wellness at home, care at home and aging at home. Most recently, Lively from Best Buy Health introduced a new lineup of enhanced plans to better help seniors stay connected, safe and healthy.


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